Araceli Garcia is an artist that begun from the watercolor illustration, using an instinctive and feminine language. In the evolution this artwork became part of a new concept: the artistic piece. The specialty of this artist is create a master piece, where every woman identifies.

Each kimono becomes in an authentic painting were the watercolors find a place, beautify and tell us a story. Taking a sustainable fashion philosophy, the firm Avasan, as Kimonos specialist, joins Araceli García to create this capsule collection: Sky. Araceli Garcia and Avasan work to conserve the artistic traditions and take care of every kimono´s detail. Each collection is created after a long study of the concept and materials.

Our kimonos are made in Spain, like a unique and exclusivity piece. Specially designed for women, who want to celebrates the union between the feminine and nature.



Avasan and Araceli García collaboration started out in 2018 making the first capsule collection. The artist captures the essence of each collection in works of art.