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Lookbook The Eye

The collection of bags The Eye is not conceived as a mere complement of clothing but as the artistic object that best defines your personality. An extraordinary fusion between art, fashion and spirituality that seeks the balance between what you show the world and what blooms inside.

A collection inspired by the teachings of I Ching

The I Ching or Book of mutations is a mysterious work that offers an interesting interpretation of the Universe through its mystical teachings. From the conception of the human being as a microcosm, this philosophy teaches us to find the balance between all those aspects that make up our nature.

Inspired by the essential elements of this current of wisdom and knowledge, the leather bags of the The Eye collection make a very personal interpretation of these teachings. They are the physical and aesthetic way of materializing the energies that the I Ching drives and that help you find the harmony that leads to happiness.

100% handmade luxury bags

Each of the bags that make up this collection is in itself a piece of art. Not in vain, all the proposals of The Eye bear the original signature of Araceli García and are numbered to ensure that they are part of a unique and exclusive series within the various collections of the designer.

They are manufactured in the Ubrique Valley (Cádiz), in a 100% artisan way by professionals who know all the secrets of a traditional craft. This ensures a high standard of quality that makes each of these leather bags a real luxury ítem.

A single complement and multiple visions of the world

The Eye is a fashion bet that goes beyond the aesthetic. The bags in this collection are shaped like an anatomical eye in which a unique work of art is hidden. They are costume accessories that do not stay on the surface but travel beyond the senses to become something more than an object: they are an experience.

These bags have been designed with the aim of transmitting a message through the most sublime part of art: the choice of a color, the morphology, the balance of the whole... None of these aspects is casual. Each of the particularities of the bags of The Eye has been chosen with the intention of establishing a link of communication of your inner self.

Art and fashion as language

A simple look at these luxury bags will serve to perceive all your energy. These complements not only customize your appearance but also establish a dialogue without words with the reality around you.

Rediscover a new way to define your style with a collection of luxury bags that connects perfectly with your inner universe. Each of The Eye’s proposals conveys a message, inspires emotion and brings you a little closer to personal knowledge and wisdom. Pure art applied to the Universe, to women and to their nature.

Dirección de arte - Araceli García

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